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Gaudeamus Musik Week. Ghent

LUX EX TENEBRIS (Goya-Zyklus) at Gaudeamus Musik Week, Ghent

September, 8th


Stefan Maier – Territories III (nominee Gaudeamus Award 2019)
Peter Adriaansz – New piece
Jose Sanchez-Verdu – Lux ex Tenebris 


New European Ensemble
José M. Sánchez-Verdú – conductor

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New Professor for Composition RCSM Madrid

I can just announce that from September I’ll be joining the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid as the new Professor of Composition. I’ll work with many other amazing Professors from September in this main institution in Spain (created in 1830). I think it will be a new challenging placement for composition (a wonderful new departament!) and for music. We will do our best!
I must leave the Conservatorio Superior de Música of Aragón (Saragossa) after 10 years. Thank you very much, it was a very nice time with wonderful colleagues and students.
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Stresa Festival, Italy

La chute de la maison Uscher

 World Premiere

(For Orchestra, with film in live. Commissioned by Stresa Festival, Real Philharmonia de Galicia, & Casa da Musica Porto)

Film: Jean Epstein (1928)

Music: José M. Sánchez-Verdú (2019)


Stresa Festival (Italy), August 31th, 2019

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano “Giuseppe Verdi”

Conductor: José Antonio Montaño

Le due avanguardie

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Festival Musica Nova Helsinki


For guitar, resonance guitar, auraphon, and ensemble

[Worldpremiere / January 3th Festival Musica Nova Helsinki

Uusinta Ensemble Helsinki
Experimentalstudio des SWR Freiburg
Guitar: Petri Kumela
Electronic: Joachim Haas
Conductor: José M. Sánchez-Verdú
Festival Musica Nova Helsinki

The new piece Tombe de sommeil, which was commissioned from José-María Sánchez-Verdú y Uusinta Ensemble and Petri Kumela, examines the relationship between sound and space with the help of a virtual guitar and auraphon developed in SWR Experimental Studio in Freiburg. The playing of the guitar soloist is projected onto the ‘unmanned’ guitar as well as other instruments, and the result is a work that falls somewhere between installation and chamber music.

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